"Adams Awakening" 2017, Original, framed, 30x40, Mischtenik

$5,000.00 $4,800.00

"Adams Awakening" By Wrenna Monet

2017, 30x40, painted in the Mischtenik on canvas. Created as a performance piece for & during the Oregon Eclipse Gathering/ Festival in Oregon 2017.

In this painting Adam sits in the garden of Eden, under the Aya tree, the grandmother tree of DMT. He also sits under the eclipse, where feminine meets masculine equally. In the garden of Eden are marijuana plants, sunflowers, san pedro cactus, peyote, and crystals. As Adam waters the earth with his new knowledge received by the opening of his third eye, his pineal gland opens to the perspectives of the psychedelic transformations of life. He begins to water the earth with his awakenings and new growth starts to appear as sprouts in the dried up clay bed.  Adam becomes awake to his higher self, to the gifts he bestows. He brings life, guarded by Lilith, the ayahuasca serpent whom holds the egg of life with the sacred sperm & sacred apple. With his gift of life, the sperm and his third eye open, Adam is Awakening. 

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