"Revelation of Eve" One of a Kind Embellished, giclee canvas print, 33x52


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"Revelation of Eve" By Wrenna Monet. Original is not for sale.

33x52, EMBELLISHED, One of a kind, giclee canvas on wood. 

There are lots of hidden meanings and things in this piece. Painted while studying at the Visionary Arts Academy in Vienna Austria. 

As a woman its hard to balance our world and our internal heart at times, we are emotional, sensitive and powerful creatures. The artichoke represents how we share our hearts freely, to be eaten, at times thrown away, protected with a spike. But the artichoke will continue to grow back, strong, and beautiful. 

To be a gentle yet fierce like a queen. To find balance with the moon, the stars, and our internal sacred power. To not loose our sweetness in a world that is sour. The honey comb heart represents keeping your sweetness to share like a bee, a hummingbird. To love, to be strong, to be awake.

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