"Shapeshifter" 2018, Original, 30.5 x 54, acrylic

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"Shapeshifter" By Wrenna Monet

2018, 30.5 x 54, acrylic on stretched canvas with wood. How many animals can you see??

Can you find the hummingbirds and the Kambo frog? What about the cat & the phoenix?

This painting is about shaping your life into how you want it to be.

Shapeshifting yourself, connecting with spirit, becoming one with your spirit animals, connecting with art and the power of the color. Created as a performance piece for and during the Canadian Music Festival Shambhala, 2018. Shapeshifter was also used as a live painting piece in the Grove Gallery at Shambhala, and has been seen in Wrennas solo exhibition, "Serpentine Rising", in Portland, Oregon. Nov 2018, at the Nectar Cafe. 

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